Research Tips 06: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Database Resources for Business Professionals
Friday, February 28, 2020 研究技巧 6



Statista provides access to quantitative facts by market sector, encompassing agriculture, finance, and politics, to name a few. Statista is a statistics portal that integrates thousands of diverse topics of data and facts from a wide range of sources onto a single platform. Sources of information include market research, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases.


EBSCOhost: Business Source Ultimate

Business Source Ultimate offers a vast range of full-text from business-related journals, nearly 3500 titles are peer-reviewed journals. BSU covers all subject areas in business and economic science. Additionally, BSU offers access to company profiles, country reports, industry reports, SWOT analyses etc.


Emerald Publishing

Emerald Insight includes journals, books and cases relevant to a range of subject areas, including accounting and finance, management, marketing, education, information studies and engineering.