Research Tips 08: How to Find a Suitable Open Access Journal to Publish Papers?
Wednesday, April 29, 2020 Research Tips 08

開放取用期刊(Open Access Journal,OA期刊)為在網際網路上免費提供文獻,允許使用者閱讀、下載、複製、傳播、列印、檢索或連結至全文。


  • 增加研究的可見度,使用率和影響力(讀者無需付費)
  • 與傳統出版模式相比,傳播效率更高
  • 保留部分或全部版權
  • 通過向全球讀者提供學術內容,為社會做出貢獻
  • 出版前經過嚴格的同行評審
  • 通過社交媒體不斷提供反饋

Open Access Academy: Why Open Access

    您可以使用以下途徑選取合適的開放取用期刊(Open Access Journal):


    Click on the "Sources" link at the top of this is a multidisciplinary database. Then select "Browse sources", and select your subject area. Remember to select the "Display only Open Access journals" check box.

    Enago Open Access Journal Finder

    Enter your manuscript abstract to help you shortlist trusted OA journals that are the most compatible with your research.

    CoFactor Journal Selector Tool

    Allows you to filter your choice by subject, peer review type, speed of revision and publication, impact factor, etc.