Overview | Objectives


The Macao Polytechnic University Library System including:

  • Main Library
  • Lam Kan Special Collection
  • Library (Taipa Campus)

The use of libraries is a vital part of student education. Students should learn where to find information and how to utilise it. Once these skills have been mastered, information can be used effectively in both academic research and for lifelong learning tasks. Students should put in efforts to master the skills of using bibliographies, catalogues, online resources and other tools.

The MPU Library has substantial resources, which include monographs, journals, course materials, theses, audio-visual and reference materials. In addition to printed resources, students and staff can remotely access electronic resources at home or in the office. The MPU Library provides access to numerous electronic resources ranging from full-text e-databases, e-journals, e-dissertations, e-news, e-books and reference resources to supplementary readings.

To strengthen students' skills in using printed and electronic tools, the MPU Library has prepared a booklet guiding students through the library building and facilities. It also shows the students how to conduct a literature search and how to interpret the retrievals. In addition, the MPU Library regularly organizes orientations and training sessions throughout the year.


    Macao Polytechnic University Library serves the teaching and learning missions of the University. Our objectives are to:

    1. Improve knowledge, skill and professional level of individuals,
    2. Provide information resources to facilitate teaching, learning and research,
    3. Develop partnership with local and regional information providers in resources sharing.