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Self-Check Systems

Self-Service Checkout Station

The Library is equipped with a Self-Service Checkout Station, patrons may check out books themselves with their valid patron card and password. The operation is simple, easy and efficient. It also gives enhanced privacy to our patrons.

Smart Locker

Smart Locker, a self-service holds pick-up and return system providing users to pick up holds or return Library items any time, day or night. You'll find the Smart Locker at the Library entrance of the Wui Chi Building.

How does it work?

Picking up your holds

To collect your held materials from the Smart Locker:

  • When you receive an email notification that the reserve item is available for pickup.
  • Go to the Smart Locker, select "COLLECT" on the screen.
  • Scan the barcode on your Staff Card/Student Card/Borrowing Card.
  • Select "OPEN ALL" or "OPEN SELECTED" and the door of the locker containing your request opens.
  • Take your books and close the locker door.

Items will remain on hold for 7 opening days, which is consistent with items placed on hold at the Circulation Counter. Each locker accommodates multiple books requested by a single user. The hold request may be redirected and placed on hold at the Circulation Counter in cases when all of the lockers are in use, or the item is too large to fit.

Returning Materials

To return your library materials at the Smart Locker:

  • Go to the Smart Locker, select "RETURN" on the screen.
  • Place the book(s) in the hole under the screen. Check that all your returned book titles are displayed on the screen, press the “FINISH” button on the screen.
  • Choose print or not receive a receipt.
  • When prompted by the screen, firmly push your item(s) into the “RETURN BOOKS” slot on the right hand side (highlighted by a white light).
  • Once all items have been returned, press the “FINISH” button on the screen, a receipt will be printed (if any).


  • If the return slot is full or out of service, please do NOT leave books outside.
  • Audio/visual materials, large books and books with attachments should NOT be returned in the Smart Locker. Please return the items directly to the Library Circulation Counter whenever possible. 
  • Patrons are responsible for any and all charges that accrue because of a failure to return checked out materials to the appropriate location, at the appropriate time.
  • If the returned books are overdue, please pay the overdue charges at the Library Circulation Counter as early as possible. Failure to pay the overdue charges will result in the suspension of your library privileges.
  • If you need assistance, please ask the library staff on duty, or call campus security at 8599 6799 before or after Library operating hours.

Off-Campus Access

All MPU active staff and students are able to access to the Library subscribed e-resources (such as e-databases, e-journals & e-books) from outside the MPU campus with their own NetID account (same as your MPU e-mail login name and password).

Computing and Wifi

The Multimedia Section is fully equipped with PC computers, iMac, scanners, compact disc recordable/rewritable drive (CD-RW), color multifunction copier, etc., whereby users can access Library electronic resources and Internet resources. All computing facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wireless internet connection (WiFi) is available in the Library for MPU active students and staff. Please refer to the IT Department website for details and configuration.

Copying, Printing and Scanning

Self-service photocopying/printing is available in the Library. Readers may use their "MacauPass" smartcard to make photocopies and to print from network. The charges for the self-service photocopying/printing are as below:

  Photocopying Network Printing
B&W A4 MOP 0.30 /page MOP 0.20 /page
B&W A3 MOP 0.50 /page MOP 0.50 /page
Color A4 MOP 3.00 /page MOP 3.00 /page
Color A3 MOP 5.00 /page MOP 5.00 /page

Dedicated scanning stations may be found in the Library. The photocopying/printing machine also incorporates free scanning services, where readers may scan and email documents.

Main Library Scanner Locations
Multimedia Section 1 high-speed document scanner
1 color photocopying/printing/scanning machine (Copier #5)
2F 2 color photocopying/printing/scanning machines (Copier #2,4)

All users, when reproducing library materials, should strictly observe copyright laws. Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from infringement of applicable copyright law.

The Copyright Law of Macau SAR (Portuguese version)

Tablet Computer Loan

In order to help MPU full-time academic staff, administrative staff and currently enrolled students of degree programs to gain familiarity with new information technology to fully explore MPU Library electronic resources and the Internet, MPU Library is pleased to provide the tablet computers (5 iPad Pro & 5 iPad Air2) loan service for in-house use only. Please refer to the Library Tablet Computers Loan Regulations for more information.

Book Sterilizer

A self-service UV book sterilizers are available in the Library, the Lam Kan Special Collection and the Library (Taipa Campus). Users are welcome to use the devices to sterilize library books. Up to 6 books can be sterilized each time.