date_range 01/03/2023 - 31/08/2023
place Library, 2nd Floor, Wui Chi Building

Leaders exist at different levels in organizations and companies. Like the head of a herd of horses, they are leading the team to open up territories. The importance of their existence to the organizations and companies is self-evident. As the core of the team, people with good leadership can often lead the team to break through and ride the wind and waves.

Whereas, what is “leadership”? What characteristics does it include? How can I become a leader?

Leadership is an invisible power, motivating team members and unlock their potentials as well as collaborating with other leaders side by side to achieve success at the same time. Leadership also reflects the leader's personal cultivation, knowledge and vision. It establishes leader’s prestige, so that the whole team can be united and cohesive to make contributions to the organization with their talents.

So how do we develop leadership? The ways are countless. Let this book exhibition inspire you on a leadership journey and explore the mysteries!